Spiritual Care at Centra
Fulltime chaplains at Centra are professionally trained board certified clergy. Their primary ministry is to those patients and family members who need support throughout the journey of illness, injury, and recovery. Our chaplains serve in all areas of Centra  facilities. Any patient or family who asks to see a chaplain will find one available around the clock. Our chaplains recognize that our patients and residents come from all walks of life and bring with them a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. We minister to each individual with sensitivity to personal beliefs and the need to be connected to one’s own faith community.
  • In crisis situations, chaplains offer ministry to the family, respond to physician and nurse referrals promptly, and act as a liaison between the family and hospital personnel.
  • The prospect of surgery can be frightening for both the patient and family. Chaplains visit with patients and their family members about their hopes, anxieties, and concerns prior to surgery.
  • Chaplains offer bereavement ministry to family and friends when a loved one dies.
  • Chaplains assist patients, family members, and staff in resolving ethical dilemmas.
  • Chaplains visit regularly with patients, residents, and families to enable them draw upon their own spiritual resources.
  • Chaplains serve as liaisons between Centra and area faith communities.
  • The Spiritual Care and Education Department offers ongoing training opportunities and education for area clergy.
For more information please call the Department of Spiritual Care and Education at 434-200-4501.
"Pastoral care is more a function than an activity, more as, either individually or in groups, of a quality of love which points to, and gives a basis in experience for, the realization of the love of God."