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Pastoral Care Presentations
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“An Overview of Advance Directives”
“Have You Had The Talk”
“Care of the Angry Patient”
“Choice: Burnout or Self-Care- Strategies for staying healthy and helpful in Life”
“Clergy health: walking away a winner”
"Coping with the Holidays when in Grief"
"Didactic Seminar: Spirituality"
“Ethical Decisions at the End of Life”
“Faith Community Nursing: a mutual blessing”
“Faith and health: a logical fit”
“Helping Children Deal with the Death of Loved Ones”
“Helping Others through the Journey of Grief”
“Hispanic Culture and Healthcare”
“Human and Spiritual Development”
‘Organ Donation:  The Gift and the Giver”
“Pastoral Conversations at the End of Life”
"Religious and Spiritual Pain"
“Resonant Leaders for Changing Times”
“Saying Hello and Goodbye”
"Self-Care as Caregivers"
“Short Intro to Growing a Long, Successful Pastorate”
“Some Practical Tips for Visiting in a Healthcare Facility”
“Spiritual Themes Impacting the Heart Patient”
“Spirituality in Every Day Life”
“Spirituality and Health”
“The Spiritual Care of Persons with Dementia”
“The Stresses and Blessings of Caregiving”
“Theological Reflection at End of Life”
“Thriving Off of the Stress of Life”
“Use of Medical Interpreters”
"When Saints Become Sad" - A Primer on the spectrum of Depression
“When It Don’t Come Easy: Skills for Pastoral Conversation about Death and Dying”
"When the World Walks Out, A Friend Walks In: Mental Health Ministry and the Church"